Use With Eau Claire

By Roderic Winkelhorst

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H2O can dissolve more substances than any other liquid

About the UWEC Project

Use With: Eau Claire is a book project by Roderic Winkelhorst on the situational essence of liquid presence. The result is slated for a 2023 release. It currently serves as a working example for Libersyne.

A book titled: 'Use With: Eau Claire' by author Roderic Winkelhorst

Use With Eau Claire

There's mystery, science and art to the concept of water, especially when humans are drawn into the picture. Not just because the human body is roughly 60 percent water, but more so because of how no chemical compound has influenced the development of human communities throughout the world as much as water. Yet, the relationship between water and humankind can be considered to be a rather complex one. Perhaps one that can be described as a love-hate affair.

Refraction of water, science, university

Truth in Water...

Those who might think that "eau claire" and transparency are closely related will find themselves mistaken. By nature, water is discrete, always inclined to painting distorted pictures of what finds shelter beneath the surface: a refraction gradually followed by a total block of light at depths so deep that neither trespassers nor the truth would be able to withstand the enormous water pressure anyway.

Acquainted with the night; Roderic Winkelhorst [2012]

The Poetics of Water

Acquainted with the night, the tide rolls in

A sandcastle at seaside
where mermaids don't go
Lungs breathing water
as brain cells fire away
Strangled by the sandman
I sleepwalk no more

As tears roll out, the tide will turn.

                                ~ Roderic Winkelhorst ~

To be continued...

The journey over water continues, just like the flow continues its journey through the hydrologic cycle, patiently watched by... not only the sun.

Let's get the facts straight

Some statistics about water.

0 Americans living within 10 miles of polluted water (Million)
0 Gallons of water required to make a car
0 The percentage of water in our lungs (%)

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